About Me


i’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit- now I use that to help others.

Ever since childhood, I’ve had a knack for understanding business. In elementary school, I drew caricatures at recess; in high school, I baked cupcakes for my classmates — early on I realized that opportunities are all around us and that we can take action to harness them at any time.

I started working with small businesses back in 2012 as part of an internal management team at a luxury salon in Midtown Atlanta. I had a hands-on role implementing marketing strategies and creating collateral. Since then, I’ve worked with real estate agents, co-working spaces, bloggers, activewear brands, photographers and more on marketing strategies, lifestyle photography, and copywriting.

I graduated with my BFA from Georgia State University in Atlanta in 2017 before moving across the country to Los Angeles. At GSU I studied Graphic Design, Journalism, and Photography. My unique combination of hands-on experience and education provide me with a perspective that lets me approach branding from a “big picture” standpoint while simultaneously understanding the elements necessary to make your vision a reality.